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Enter the fascinating world of monodisperse particles.....

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Inexpensive and Concentrated:  Test Particles - Te Series

We call our low-budget particle suspensions with a high solid contents as 'Test Particles'. Test Particles are mainly designed for generic experimental applications.
Test Particles do have a high solids content of particles of 5% and a narrow particle size distribution (CV values: 5% - 10%) which is a little bit broader than those of our (monodisperse) calibration standards of the LS, HS or Pu series. Therefore they are not suitable for calibration purposes but for rough size comparisons or experiments where big particle quantities are needed.

Scope of Delivery....

Test Particles will be supplied in PE bottles of 25mL volume without a certificate.
Nevertheless you can download the corresponding product data sheet as a PDF file from the table below. The data sheet comprises the most important particle data including a particle size distribution as a graph.

  Price List   

Particle Diameter
Rel. Standard
Deviation (CV)
Volume Catalog
Data Sheet Price Inventory
  0.7µm 0.71µm ±0,02µm <8% 25ml Te0070-25 immediately available
  1µm 1.00µm ±0.06µm <9% 25mL Te0100-25 immediately available
  4µm 4.2µm ±0.2µm <7% 25mL Te0400-25 immediately available
  7 µm 6.5µm ±0.2µm 4.9% 25mL Te0700-25 out of inventory
10 µm 9.5µm ±0.2µm <6% 25mL Te1000-25 immediately available
15 µm 15.3µm ±0.3µm 5.0% 25mL Te1500-25 immediately available
30 µm 31.7µm ±0.5µm 5.1% 25mL Te3000-25 immediately available