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Enter the fascinating world of monodisperse particles.....

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Production and Distribution of Particle Standards....
Our main field of activity is the production of spherical, monodisperse, NIST traceable nanoparticles and microspheres. These particle standards are designed for (size) calibration, optimization and validation of particle sizing instruments and particle counters.
They will be manufactured in the labaratory of our own, sophisticatedly characterized and provided with a certificate. They will be sold world-wide by us or by our international distributors. The polymeric nanoparticles and microspheres will be offered as:
1. Calibration Standards, Reference Standards: Particle size standards, Particle Powder Standards
2. Particle of defined Size:Test Particles
3. Particle Standards for Counting Purposes:Particle Count Standard Kits, PharmaCount1510
Standard-Kit, ISO-MTD2.8-Test Standard,
Contract Analyses....
We do not only have comprehensive experience in manufacturing, handling and knowledge about the specific properties of particles, we also possess skill in high-resolution determination of particle sizes and in accurate counting of particles in liquids.
We not only offer the 'impersonal' commissional analytic processing which supplies numbers or diagrams only as otherwise customary. We additionally supply --- if really desired --- an extensive, qualified guidance with respect to your specific problem before and after your order!
Particle Sizing or Counting Instruments....
BS-Partikel is also selling devices for particle analyses mainly to pharmaceutical companies in Germany only ( SYRINGE, a particle sizing and counting instrument).
But we only offer those instruments which veritably gives accurate and reliable results and which we use in our labaratory for ourselves and which have been prooved in the day-to-day-life of our QC lab. In short, we do recommend only those instruments which we are really convinced about.
means that the relative standard deviation (CV) of the
averaged particle diameters is smaller than 5%, i.e. the
particles possess a very narrow particle size distribution
NIST: National Institute of
Standards and Technology
This instrument can measure particle sizes in the
micrometer range with a size resolution of less than
20% and can additionally count each particle in a liquid